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MJ Creations is a sewing ministry of the Pump House that directly supplements funding for our Morning Joy Women's Transistional Community. 

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MJ Creations Fabric

 The volunteers sew handmade products for  sale to earn money toward  the ministry.  Eventually, as the ministry grows, the  women brought into  the ministry will,  along with recieving the benefits of  emotional and  physical support, learn to  sew, create a product, and market it.


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How YOU can help

As a new ministry, we need a lot of help getting it started. If you are interested in helping grow a women's ministry within the Pump House there are several ways you can help:

Debbie Key- MJ Creations volunteer

  1. Donate! Morning Joy accepts monetary donations and donations of sewing materials, fabric, machines, forms, or any other item that may be useful to our sewing ministry.
  2. Volunteer! We always are looking for volunteers to sew products and work in the sewing room.
  3. Volunteer in other ways! There are many other ways to volunteer other than just sewing. Marketing, selling product, etc. If you don't know how to sew but would still like to volunteer in some capacity please do not hesitiate!



 You can also help (and find great, handmade products!)  by purchasing the finished products from MJ Creations.  Pillows, aprons, casserole carriers, stockings, coasters, bears, and much, much more! Stop in at the lobby of The Pump House or contact Marylou Wilkinson, the coordinator of Morning Joy and MJ Creations if you are looking for something specific or just want to browse.

MJ Creations product- Stockings MJ Creations Product- Red Pillow MJ Creations Product- Pillows

We at the Pump House appreciate all that you in the community do to help us in our endeavors to show God's love in practical ways.