Sifa Community Church


Sifa Community Church

Established in 2009, this holistic approach to church and community came about in a collaborative effort between the people of Kenya and The Pump House Ministries. Now supporting 3 locations and a school, plus many community outreach programs, the self sustaining Sifa church continues their part in growing their community and growing in Jesus. Theirs is a truly amazing story of the power of Jesus in a real world situation.

Sifa Community Church


The story of Sifa:

In early 2009, during a mission trip centered on the Pump House's EGGS program, Pastor Bruce began talking with Reverend Simon Kimaru Njagi, the Kenyan pastor and friend the Pump House partners with, about the reality of churches in his community and surrounding villages. They came to the conclusion they were alienating their attendees, their people, because they were operated by outside leaders who were not in touch with the day-to-day physical and spiritual needs of its members. Each brick and mortar building was built to glorify the establisher as opposed to really reaching its members and putting the church in their hands.

They felt this was wrong. They share the belief that church isn't just meant to be a place, or a building, requiring attendance on Sundays. It's supposed to be a community effort where each person plays their part and does the work to make it function in the name of Jesus, not as a monument of human pride. In their views, much like the purpose of the Pump House, church happens in the day-to-day moments when each community member can reach out to another and show them Jesus by their actions, by helping and loving each other as brothers and sisters, and the joy of gathering together on Sundays is a way to praise Jesus and do it together.

That is what the Sifa Community Church is all about: praise and community.

Real church. 

So with the financial and spiritual backing from The Pump House, Simon set out to establish a church in a village called Mangu. It was here that Sifa Community Church was born. Not only did they succeed in planting a church in Mangu, they established 2 more churches, located in Thika and Juja Farm, and a school, The Potter's Academy, and succeeded in raising up young pastors, Elijah and Daniel, to minister the churches.          

The Potter's Academy students and teachers

Each of these huge endeavors are self-sustained by their own communities and attendees, not by a controlling factor from great distances around the world. The self-funded Potter's Academy now feeds 100 children per day and employs teachers and daily staff. Each church employs a pastor and offers other jobs within their congregations. They send aid in the form of food, emotional support, and physical labor into the community. Through these communities and their willigness to grow and solve their issues was born the water treatment program H2Ope. They live to show Jesus and open their hearts to their neighbors. Their primary goal is to spread love for another in His name and they achieve more every day.

Church members learning about water treatment program


We at the Pump House are proud and inspired by all that our Kenyan friends do in the name of Jesus. If you want to learn more please contact us at 419-207-3900 and visit Sifa's website at