H2Ope for Kenya

Gift of H2Ope

for Kenya

Story of H2Ope:

A number of years ago while on a mission trip to Kenya it was pointed out that as high as 10% of a village's population dies each year from dysentery, e-coli, diptheria, Cows by Kenyan water supplyand cholera. Every one of these horrible diseases is contracted thought one source: their water supply.

Kenya is classified by the U.N. as a chronic water-scarce country, having one of the lowest natural water replenishment rates in the world. Most, if not all, of its water supplied from shallow, contaminated wells and unprotected springs, is rated "not fit for human consumption."

While searching for effective ways to deliver clean, healthy water we came upon a simple yet effective solution, a charcoal-based water filter.


Man pouring water from shallow well

  This filter, when used properly, will clean their   water of all germs and bacteria down to one     micron and can purify enough water for up to     40 a year.

  Through the Sifa Community Church and           Academy we established we are now reaching   over 70 villages in the region and providing       water for hundreds of villagers.



How YOU can Help:

With your generous support we can reach thousands of people and save hundreds of lives giving H2Ope to generations to come.

Please contact Rich if you are interested in learning more about the Gift of H2Ope water filtration ministry, scheduling a presentation of the ministry for your church or civic organization, or donating to the ministry at 419-207-3900.

We at the Pump House appreciate your donations and interest in our efforts to provide clean drinking water to the people of Kenya.