Meet our Kenyan Grandmothers

Meet some of the grandmothers who are recipients of donations given through Empower Worldwide Outreach and are part of the E.G.G.S. Initiative.


TeresiaGrandma Njehia struggles every day to care for seven orphans, left by her daughter who died from HIV/AIDS. Her daughter never married and most of the children had different fathers. The youngest born HIV positive has since died. Grandma Njehia now cares for four boys and twin girls.

She does small scale farming mainly for domestic consumption only. She struggles to pay for school and uniform fees ($350/year per child), food, and clothing. Her orphans are still grieving so Empower Worldwide Outreach field staff counsel and support them.

On January 9th Ben Ouma, Project Coordinator, presented Grandma Njehia with seven hens. She said, “It was like a new life has begun owning a project that can generate income to support the orphans.” She is “very grateful to the team in U.S.A.” for sponsoring the project and praised, “God bless you!”

NjeryGrandma Njery’s daughter died of HIV/AIDS. She is raising James, age 14, who just finished the eighth grade but is unable to go on because she can not afford the school fees. Ben presented seven hens to her, giving her hope for James’ educational future. She is looking forward to providing food for her grandson and expressed her profound gratitude to Empower Worldwide Outreach and its donors.

Grandma Nduta was married and one of two wives. The co-wife passed away and left Ndutabehind two orphans. Her husband also passed away and left her with five of her own children. She is raising seven orphans between the ages of 2 ½ to 21 years. Grandma Nduta is filled with great joy and renewed hope as a recipients of poultry through E.G.G.S.

She faces the challenges daily of paying for school fees to send her orphans to school. It is difficult for her to buy the required school uniforms and other clothing. Her only income is generated by doing casual labor for others, but it makes it difficult to put food on her table.

Ben presented Grandma Nduta with the chickens. As you can see from the photos, she expressed great happiness when she received the chickens and is very grateful to donors like you for helping to provide an income-generating way to feed her orphans and meet future educational goals.

Feeding ChickensGrandma Njery’s brother and sister died from HIV/AIDS. She is now caring for their children and is raising five orphans, ages 11 – 21 years. Buying food, school books and paying school fees are only some of the challenges she daily faces in raising these orphans.

Ben Ouma presented her with seven hens. She was so happy and grateful for the support and promised she would use this income generating opportunity to feed her orphans and help provide for other needs.