How You Can Help

Empower Worldwide Outreach is launching a nationwide campaign to empower Kenyan grandmothers caring for orphans to join the E.G.G.S. Initiative. We are seeking “E.G.G.S.” groups across the United States to raise awareness and donations.

Donations raised through your group will:
• Create micro-business opportunities for grandmothers to help support their family units
• Directly support critical needs of food, water, and shelter for these families
• Provide school and uniform fees for the orphans
• Provide access to HIV/AIDS testing and medical care
• Provide grief and family counseling
• Implement parenting classes for grandmothers
• Assist with Empower Worldwide Outreach community-based HIV/AIDS Prevention Initiative that also reduces community stigma associated with HIV/AIDS

It’s simple! Just get started. . .

  1. Contact Empower Worldwide Outreach for an information and registration packet by calling (330) 495-6392, e-mailing, or clicking on the links below. 
  2. There are many existing organizations across the United States that can form an E.G.G.S. Group such as elementary, secondary and high school classes, college student classes and organizations, sororities and fraternities, retirees, civic, social, and professional organizations, churches, athletic associations, etc. Just get started. Invite your friends, family members, and colleagues to begin a group in your area. You can even start a group to honor your own grandparents.
  3. Set a meeting time and place. Use the first meeting to discuss membership (if appropriate), and create your group’s name. Use this time to brainstorm fundraising activities and ideas. Set goals and begin planning, (Eventually there will be fundraising ideas on the website that have been used by other E.G.G.S. Groups across the United States and a blog page for sharing ideas.) 
  4. Share stories with your group about the grandmothers in Kenya who are being Empowered by the E.G.G.S. Initiative.
  5. Develop and implement your fundraiser and HAVE FUN!
  6. After your event, share your fundraising ideas with Empower Worldwide Outreach so that we can share them with other E.G.G.S. Groups across the United States. Share your challenges and your success. With your permission, we will post information on the website about your E.G.G.S. Group and photos you submit of your group and its fundraising event. We will celebrate with you!
  7. Remember, any amount raised and donated will make a huge impact on the lives of grandmothers and orphans in Kenya! Donations to Empower Worldwide Outreach can be made through the website or by check made payable to Empower Worldwide Outreach and mailed to: Empower Worldwide Outreach, 20 S. Countryside Dr., Ashland, Ohio 44805.