Fabric of Life Textiles Operation


Textiles/ Bin Collections

New Wooden Bin Style

Ministries all have at least one thing in common: they need an income to survive. We make a portion of our income in the business of buying and selling used clothing on a large scale called Fabric of Life Textiles Operation.

In our Textiles operation we collect clothing and ship it in semi trailers to buyers all over the world.Green clothing collection bin








So how do we get all these clothes?

Well the easy answer is YOU


We collect clothing in two ways:

  1. Every day donations from people like you. We have around 100 green collection bins placed in our town, surrounding towns, surrounding counties, and even as farDonations sign as other states. These clothing and shoe donations are collected weekly and brought back to our warehouse distribution center, prepared for shipping, and shipped out on tractor trailers.
  2. Small ministries, churches, and other clothing collection venues all over Ohio and further who have no outlet for their surplus and no way to ship give us their extra supply for a donation. In this way they help support our ministries and we help support theirs. The Pump House currently partners with over 36 other ministries and collectors in this manner.


How YOU can Help:

  • Keep donating all your gently used clothing, shoes, and soft good to our bins or thrift stores. 
  • Do you have a location where a bin can be placed? Good locations are in high traffic, easily accessible areas (like parking lots) within ten miles of another bin location.
  • Do you work for a ministry or clothing collection center and want to partner with us to support your ministry and ours?
  • If you feel like you're an ideal partner or want to know about locations and the collecting process, call or email Rebecca for details.