The Pump House Ministries' Philosophy

Our Mission

"The Pump House Ministries meets people at their point of need providing them opportunities to develop their God-given potential."


Our Philosophy

We are a need-driven Christian ministry made up of people who have experienced the grace of God

We believe that people become more open to experiencing the saving grace of God when they feel and see God’s love in ways that meet urgent needs in thCrosseir lives. We believe in creating ministry contexts where people come together to work and serve together and build relationships and community. As trusting relationships are built, God provides ongoing opportunities for faith sharing.

We also believe we serve a God of second chances. As we have experienced God’s amazing, continuous flow of grace, we believe that every person we encounter at Pump House Ministries deserves many second chances to experience grace. We all have had “faith obstacles” that inhibited our Christian faith development. Although it may sometimes feel like climbing walls and going through obstacle courses, we discover that many people want to get better and grow in faith when they are given opportunities and a good support system.

Because we all come from such diverse backgrounds, you might say that we are a non-traditional, blended church. We are discovering a variety of nonthreatening ways to share the love of Jesus Christ and the truths of God’s Word. Although most churches hold most of their services on Sundays, our church has church all week long. Although the forms and services are different from what you might expect, the message is the same.