The History of Pump House Ministries


Twenty adults and several children got together and decided to “show God’s love in practical ways”

Blue Water Tower


In 1999, a group of twenty adults and several children got together and decided to “show God’s love in practical ways.” With Pastor G. Bruce Wilkinson as the leader, The Pump House Ministries was born. The name was chosen for the ministry long before property was acquired because the group and many others believed that one day they would be blessed with the pump house building to serve in, which was originally built and owned by F. E. Myers & Bro. Pump manufacturing plant.

Myers Pump



 The group started with discussions in the home of the Wilkinson  family where they planned dinners and events to reach out to many  in need within the Ashland community. The first project was an  Easter dinner free to the public and then “Summer of Fun,” a summer  program for elementary school aged children was planned. Next,  “Christmas in Ashland” was organized and served out of the  Wilkinson home. With many helping hands, food and gifts for every  child in each home designated as needing a little extra help, were  donated, wrapped, and delivered.




In 2003, the 14-acre piece of downtown Ashland property was donated to The Pump House Ministries, Inc. which included the pump house building by the former owners of Landoll Publishing Company. The property came with 100,000 sq. ft. of office space, living water300,000 sq. ft of industrial/ manufacturing/ warehouse space and 18 houses. Under the leadership of Pastor Bruce, the acquired property has aided The Pump House Ministries to institute various multi-faceted ministries like The Homestead Men's Shelter and the Food Pantry, now an emergency food give away.